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Frimley Green Cricket Club vs Walton on Thames - Sunday 22nd July 2012, 14:00

Frimley Green Cricket Club (130/7) beat Walton on Thames (83 all out) by 47 runs

Match Detail
Any rustiness that may have prevailed following a five-week weather lay off was quickly brushed aside as FGCC's fielding prowess made it 3 out of 3 against Walton On Thames. Losing the toss and being put into bat in glorious sunshine, FGCC made a slow start, despite an almighty 6 from Rich Loosley being the early highlight. Against some good young bowlers runs were at a premium, but with the experienced heads of Ants and Tim playing themselves in and settling down the innings FGCC finally made 130 off their 40 overs, JP providing some late impetus with some very quick running between the wickets (much to Kevin's dismay). However, it was events off the field that proved to be the catalyst to what was to come. Coming out to umpire after his all-too-brief innings of 1, captain Jim Barker got what tantamounted to be a 'dressing down' from his opposite number for his umpires giving too many wides. Well, suffice it to say that if you criticise the man in charge (think Gatting vs Shakoor Rana at Faislabad in 1987 - look it up!) then a normally mild-mannered captain is going to start getting agitated and fire up his troops accordingly... ...which is exactly what happened. Nug - after being physically abused to instigate a bout of Hulkamania - responded with a great opening spell. Mike Parry went round the wicket, took two scalps and bowled with aggression and control. Rich with his left arm seam took a wicket with the first and last ball of his spell. But all this was put in the shade by a certain Julian Bland. With his first ever delivery at Frimley Lodge Park (and first in a home game for 4 years), Walton On Thames' captain Dean Carter was skittled by a ball that 'definitely did something' on a very grassy, slow pitch. Trudging off the pitch looking for a no-ball call that never came, Carter's men were left on the edge of a precipice, and when moments later Jules took two wickets in two balls there was nothing else for the captain to do apart from bring himself on to bowl to finish the job, thus securing a very satisfying win for FGCC.
Frimley Green Innings Runs Balls
Rich Loosley caught Razi 21   29  
Jim Barker bowled Clarke 1   3  
Antony Johnson caught Carter 32   85  
Neil Searle bowled O Rosevear 5   25  
Tim Jones bowled Carter 25   47  
Jonathan Prior not out 11   20  
Steve Murphy bowled Carter 4   17  
Kevin Whitehorn run out 1   1  
Mike Parry did not bat    
Julian Bland did not bat    
David Huggett did not bat    
Extras (3b, 5lb, 22w, 2nb) 32
Total (7 wickets, 40.0 overs) 130
Walton on Thames Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Bowling figures not available
Walton on Thames Innings Runs Balls
Full scorecard not available
Extras (3b, 3lb) 6
Total (all out, 32.3 overs) 83
Frimley Green Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Mike Parry 8.0 0 25 2
Julian Bland 6.0 1 10 3
David Huggett 6.0 0 13 1
Rich Loosley 5.0 0 13 3
Kevin Whitehorn 5.0 1 10 0
Jim Barker 2.3 0 6 1
: Jules' first ever delivery at Frimley Lodge Park dismantling the stumps of WOT captain Dean Carter.
: Julian Bland