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Graeme Fleming

Despite being more at home with a rugby ball on account of his long career with Camberley RFC, Graeme is an enthusiastic addition to the club. Aggressive middle-order bat and handy in the field too. Promising wicket-keeping potential, despite a permanently bent finger.

Statistics for against

First Match: 10/05/2009 vs Crown Wood
Last Match: 23/06/2019 vs Badshot Lea
Total Matches: 25
Best Performances
Batting Statistics

37 vs Badshot Lea, 31/05/2015
25 vs Seven Sports, 08/06/2014
21 vs Milford, 22/05/2016
21 vs Wood Street Village, 14/05/2017
20 vs Battersea Eagles, 19/06/2016
Bowling Statistics

Batting Statistics
Innings: 25
Not Outs*: 0
Runs: 191
50s: 0
100s: 0
Strike Rate**: 73.18
Average: 7.64
Bowling Statistics
Overs: 0
Wickets: 0
Runs Conceded: 0
Economy: N/A
Strike Rate: N/A
5-Wicket Hauls: 0
Average: N/A
* Including any retirements
** Where data is available