Captain's Award

Awarded by the club captain to the player who's made a standout contribution during the season.
Captain's Award

Awarded to:

2021: Jonny Leaver
For faultless dedication and enthusiasm to the FGCC cause throughout the season
2020: Ajay Kumar
For always being a true gent in a particularly tumultuous season both on and off the pitch
2019: Pranay Nuwal
For an outstanding first season, showing great commitment and an uncanny knack for taking wickets at will. Shared with Lloyd.
2019: Lloyd Dsouza
For an outstanding debut season, his commitment to the cause and for a marvellous maiden FGCC ton and excellent slip catching. Shared with Pranay.
2018: Sheshi Etikala
For being a fantastic team player. For example, staying around when he had an abundance of players, to support and to umpire.
2017: Suresh Dollu
For his huge contribution to the club this year, most notably through the influx of new players he's brought along
2016: Anu Hussain
For an excellent first full season with the club
2015: Graeme Fleming
For his commitment to the cause, coupled with the fact that nepotism never did anyone any harm
2014: Mark Russell
For being available for every match, plus the magic first aid kit moment at Godalming, culminating in a rubdown for the ailing Rich Loosley!
2013: Rus Edmonds
For being FGCC's top wicket-taker for the year, in addition to helping find players from all over the place to make up the numbers
2012: Antony Johnson
Organising fixtures (often at the last minute) and going a whole season without smashing a chair.
2011: Mike Parry
An excellent debut season, some over-enthusiastic fielding notwithstanding! (JBa)
2010: Jonathan Prior
Dedication to the cause throughout the season.
2009: Jim Barker
Overwhelming enthusiasm and support with all aspects of match days.
2008: Al Hammond
Great new addition to the team who always plays the game in the right spirit. (GM)
2007: David Huggett
Top overall contribution to the club amongst other stuff birth of website in my two years as skip.
2006: Rus Edmonds
Dashing to Wales for the tour game... and the drinking beforehand. (AG)
2005: Tom Harris
Blasting the ball out of sight on many an occasion to lift Kaptain Kev's mood.
2004: Tim Jones
Thank you for all your advice and support in my first year as Captain. (KW)
2003: David Huggett
Marking his debut season for the club, the one and only keen as...
2002: Alan Greaves
Jules started this award up. Greavsie won it first for buying him a drink at the bar. (JBl)