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Bagshot vs Frimley Green Cricket Club - Sunday 21st August 2022, 13:00

Bagshot (297/7) beat Frimley Green Cricket Club (162 all out) by 135 runs

Match Detail
A mis-match if ever their was one, FGCC's winning streak came to an abrupt halt against a Bagshot team featuring a fair few Saturday league players. Bowling first, FGCC were up against it from the off, with boundaries being scored with alarming regularity. As ever it was Nick who came up trumps, snaring Murray LBW in the 10th over (by which time the Bagshot lads were already scoring runs at over a run a ball). Bowlers came, got hammered, and went, and it was only Pruthvi whose figures approached anything near respectable. With Messers J & J Balcombe each hitting rapid 50s, including 6s over the catch fence and onto the tiled roof of the house overlooking the ground, FGCC were fortunate when Bagshot decided to declare (!) early and scuttle off for tea. FGCC's lineup, which included 2 debutants, was never able to get close in reply, although huge credit to Mark (with a season's best), Arul (belying his years with a mature batting display), and especially Pruthvi, whose clean striking saw one of the fastest 50s FGCC have seen for some time. Aside from that it was a regular procession of batsmen walking in then all too soon returning to the hutch, as FGCC were soundly beaten within 30 overs.
Bagshot Innings Runs Balls
Full scorecard not available
Extras (7b) 7
Total (7 wickets, 31.0 overs) 297
Frimley Green Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Pruthvi Danthuluri 8.0 0 47 3
Aman Bhardwaj 7.0 0 55 1
Arul Killi 5.0 0 59 0
Jim Barker 4.0 0 35 2
Nick Gates 4.0 0 31 1
Adil Hussain 1.0 0 20 0
Matthew Searle 1.0 0 19 0
Jonny Leaver 1.0 0 24 0
Frimley Green Innings Runs Balls
Brandon Leaver bowled Cashif Khan 0   5  
Mark Russell caught Nakarja 40   49  
Arul Killi caught Harris 26   40  
Madhav Naralasetti bowled Harris 0   2  
Pruthvi Danthuluri bowled Harris 54   27  
Aman Bhardwaj caught Harris 0   2  
Adil Hussain caught Harris 12   10  
Matthew Searle caught Wheeler 11   21  
Jonny Leaver bowled Anay Gandhi 0   5  
Jim Barker bowled Anay Gandhi 0   5  
Nick Gates not out 0   1  
Extras (6b, 11w, 2nb) 19
Total (all out, 29.1 overs) 162
Bagshot Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Bowling figures not available
: Any of Pruthvi's boundaries - an amazing effort given the calibre of the opposition
: Pruthvi Danthuluri