Punky Award
Punky Award
Generally awarded for 'non-cricketing' reasons, or at least not for flattering ones.
1: Tim Jones 2019 - Awarded for a suicidal run in the first over of the Ottershaw game to run out WK Mark Russell for a Diamond Duck
2: Anurag Rastogi 2018 - Spectacular spillage of pint of Kingfisher at Awards Evening just as it was to be announced there were no obvious candidates for Punky this year.
3: David Huggett 2015 - Awarded to 'King Sicknote' for general malaise and also for dropping a dolly to (prematurely) give Rus a 5-fer against Wood Street Village
4: Suresh Dollu 2017 - Awarded for running out two of his team-mates at Ripley and blaming it on an ill-fitting helmet
5: Alan Greaves 2014 - Awarded for perhaps the worst dropped catch ever!
6: Graeme Fleming 2016 - Awarded for giving a very confident but suicidial call leading to Nug, fielding for the oppo, chancing his arm and running out Mark who was already past 50 and possibly poised to lead us to victory in the first game of the season away to Warfield.
7: Victor Torkildsen 2013 - Awarded to the 'best overseas player'
Hulk Moments
Hulk Moments
For those special moments when an FGCC player, inevitably slighted by a perceived or real injustice, finally loses his rag and 'turns Hulk'.
1: Antony Johnson vs Badshot Lea - Sunday 3rd July 2011 'The Chairman'. This will surely remain forever unchallenged as the greatest-ever Hulk Moment, as Antony Johnson, adjudged (very harshly) LBW by our very-own Steve Murphy, stormed off the field of play and smashed a plastic chair with his bat. "That'll be £200 please!", said the crazy kid watching it unfold.
2: David Huggett vs Welford Park - Sunday 1st June 2008 Perhaps the moment which started an always edgy relationship with Welford Park. David Huggett, already keeping the rage within after a few harsh wides in his opening spell, let all Hell break loose when an innocuous Gordon Marsh delivery turned slightly down the leg side and was adjudged a wide. "HE'S A F****** JOKER!!" shouted Huggett, in a prolonged rant against the Welford Park umpire.
3: Dave Brown vs Odiham and Greywell - Sunday 28th July 2013 The '8 from 3' revenge. There's one sure-fire way of winding up an Aussie, and that's with a good sledge. And no more so was this the case when Dave Brown had a torrent of barbs thrown his way, including the now infamous "do you need a bell in the ball to make it easier?" (or words to that effect). Whilst Dave got fired up and gave back the insults as good as he got, he channeled his rage in the best way possible - by winning the game with a 6 and a 4 off the last two balls.
4: Mark Russell vs Crown Taverners - Sunday 17th June 2018 After nearly 20 years since the last fixture between FGCC and Crown Taverners you'd think some of the bad blood between the sides would have waned. Well, it hadn't, and after a stumping that wasn't given because their umpire was too busy on Snapchat Mark's tail was already up. Batting well and motoring towards a 50, the opposition did everything they could to wind the vice-captain up - sledging, swearing, the lot. It got to a head when Mark decided to walk off in protest, thankfully not stepping over the boundary edge. With the offending party sent down to deep third man to 'dry out', Mark continued to hit boundaries on the way to a well-made 50 - the best way to exact some payback...